Benefits of Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic ChairMany years ago the type of computer chair you used wasn’t a big concern. Companies didn’t describe the benefits of purchasing one product over another and medical problems were never spoken of as risks to using the wrong type of chair. Now in 2010 all the above can be overheard in discussion when purchasing office chairs or in descriptions on popular websites. With technology, science and health professions on a rise, we as consumers are becoming more aware of the possible medical risks and the importance of purchasing the proper ergonomic chair.

Today in the business world employees are constantly sitting at their desks and jobs are becoming more sedentary than any other time in the past. This has started to cause a problem for those that fall into this category. A lot of companies purchase cheap office chairs because they get a good price for them in bulk, but don’t consider that with the hours their employees are working they can begin to experience back and neck pain. Over the years with these concerns becoming more and more eminent various office supply companies have began to design friendlier chairs for home and office use. There are a vast number of ergonomic chairs now out on the market and each one has different benefits to its use.

Some of the many different features one can choose from include:

  • ability to adjust the tilt of the seat back
  • ability to adjust the tilt of the seat
  • height adjustment
  • type of padding on the seat
  • density of foam on seat & seat back
  • adjustment of arm rests height
  • adjustment of arm rest width
  • levels of reclining
  • seat pitch adjustment
  • 360 degree swivel
  • Back pitch adjustment

All the features above have been created to help prevent back and neck pain and allow people to have a better experience while seated. Being able to adjust the tilt of the seat back and the tilt of the seat itself are extremely beneficial to preventing back pain. This is true because it allows you to personally adjust the amount the seat back tilts forwards or backwards to provide maximum comfort and reduce strain. The same goes for the tilt adjustment of the seat. Everybody’s body is different and handles sitting for long periods of time in countless ways. Some of us prefer to sit on more of an angle than others and with the ability to adjust the tilt of the seat you can do just that. Another important aspect of ergonomic chairs is that they are designed with various levels of foam density. This may seem like an insignificant factor but in reality it’s anything but. Having the capability to choose a computer chair with a certain density to its seat back and seat cushion is a wonderful feature, because it will help prevent pain in your neck, back, thighs and butt. Beyond the few key concepts described in detail here, there are endless numbers of benefits to purchasing this type of upgraded office chair.

Whether you’re looking to get one for your home for personal use, or you’re looking to purchase an ergonomic chair for your office, do your research and shop around to find the best task chair for you. Don’t just go out and buy a cheap chair and call it a day. Go and read about the potential benefits of each office chair and their features. Then decide on one which will provide you with maximum comfort and at the same time prevent causing damage and pain to your body. With the knowledge we have today it would be silly to not be a wise consumer and not purchase the office chair that will provide the most benefit to you.

Terra Task Chair by VIA Seating

Terra task chair The benefit of the Terra Task Chair is that you have a modular seating solution that you can custom build for the individual depending on their height and weight.

Let’s look at the most popular configuration of the Terra series, the medium back and medium seat version. This model will fit the vast majority of people. In order to use the chair properly the first thing we need to do is adjust it to our body type. First, you want to adjust the height of the chair so that your feet are flat on the floor and your thighs are parallel to the ground. You also want to make sure that the front of the chair does not press against the back of your knees. This is a sensitive area of your body that can affect the comfort of your lower legs.

In terms of back movement the Terra allows a wide range of motion with an adjustable tension control. Tightening or loosening the tension control knob will allow the chair to recline with more or less resistance. A general rule of him is that you want to be naturally buoyant. You don’t want to work hard to push it back but you also don’t want to feel forced forward. Once you find a comfortable actress position you can easily lock it into place. You can also adjust the lumbar cushion of the chair. The seat back height is easily adjusted up or down with minimal effort. These basic chair adjustments are what via refers to as their active back control.

One excellent feature of the active back control is the free-floating seat. This means that you can adjust the tilt angle of the seat cushion itself independently of the backrest. You can even adjust the chair so that there is a space between the seat and backrest to promote active sitting. This is when you do not lean on a back support rather you keep your posture upright using your body’s core muscles.

Adjustable arm rests are also standard on the Terra. You can easily adjust the height of each armrest with the push of a button. If another source of our support is available in your workstation the arms could also be removed from the chair.

Overall the Terra chair is a fantastic option for those who want the feel and quality of a premium chair without paying a premium price. The basic Terra model starts at about $300 and can run up to $500 fully loaded.

Tips for Choosing the Best Office Task Chair

Chairs play a very important role in any office. Most of the available jobs these days are white collar jobs, which require people to be seated for hours together in the same place. This is why it has become so necessary to select the right chair that can provide comfort to the worker. Ergonomically designed chairs are the best choice when it comes to providing comfort to the user. We do not often realize the importance of a simple chair. Many of us are compromising on the quality of our chair just for the sake of saving money. This idea should be discarded.

There are certain things in life that should not be compromised. In this case, if you were to compromise your comfort for the sake of a cheaper price, then you may be inviting unnecessary pains and problems. It is imperative that your spinal cord is in the right position while you are seated for long hours. Let us briefly consider some of the most important tips for choosing the chair that will be best for you and your body.

Tips to find the right chair:

  • Height-adjustable chair: A chair should have the right height in alignment with the desk. A person facing a monitor while working should have a line of sight directly in alignment with it. This is dependent on the height of the person, of course. For this reason, a chair with an adjustable seat is worth considering.
  • Appropriate cushioning: The chair should have cushioning, preferably filled with foam, which is not too high in density. Low-density foam may end up generating heat after a while, which is sure to annoy the user.
  • Arm-rests: A good chair with arm rests that are just broad enough to support one’s arms is an absolute necessity. Arm supports are needed to ensure proper posture of the body while working. It results in less strain while typing on the keyboard and mousing.
  • Seat-size: The seat-size should be spacious enough for your buttocks. This ensures comfort while you are seated for long periods in the same posture.
  • Space for thighs: The chair should provide enough space for the thighs to rest without the back of your knees touching the front portion of the chair.
  • Tilt mechanism: Look for chairs that have tilt mechanisms that ensures proper resting of your back. This is primarily so you can avoid straining your back and eventually ending up with back or neck pain.

These basic tips will help you find the right ergonomic office chair or task chair for your employees or even yourself. The best advice anyone can give is to do your research, try different products, and make your own educated decision on which model is best for you.

Things to Consider When Shopping For a Computer Chair

It is difficult to name a specific brand when it comes to choosing the best task chairs, primarily because the market is full of so many manufacturers. But one thing that should definitely be considered when looking for a task chair is how it can help you to maintain a healthy body. If you take a look around in the market you will find a wide range of different computer chairs, and if you do a little research you will find the ones that are less expensive actually have a lot of hidden costs in terms of your health. You will surely find that the lower priced chairs save you money, but you should be prepared for intangible taxes in the form of problems for your body including back aches and pain in your arms and/or eyes.

The best solution to this problem is to look for a task chair that is ergonomic, whether it’s for yourself in your home or for your office. These chairs are specially designed for people who have to spend most of their time in front of the computer with their back and neck at the mercy of the chair they sit on. These days, if you ask a person to do their work without touching the computer he or she might even laugh at you because it’s technically not possible for most professions. If you ask these same people whether they experience things like back aches or itching in their eyes, however, almost 99% of them will respond with “yes” as an answer. The most common reason behind this is the kinds of task chairs they use.

Ergonomic task chairs can help you to overcome almost all the problems that you face with the normal office chairs on the market. They have more room for your hips and thighs, which helps your blood flow constantly. Another important reason that they are so helpful and popular is because they are a little foamy, which will help your back feel comfortable. The back of the chairs are also a little firm so you don’t end up with pain in your back – the most common problem generated by other chairs.

So when you’re ready to make a purchase be sure you are choosing the best ergonomic computer chair you can afford, which will provide you with greater comfort and a healthy body in the future.

A Task Chair’s Role in Computer Ergonomics

Ergonomics are a sort of scientific discipline that takes human engineering or human-factor engineering into consideration. It is concerned with the needs, well being and efficient performance of the human body. When a new workplace is designed, ergonomic principles should be included and given consideration in order to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone working there. The biggest problem, however, is that its need is often only understood once a problem has taken place. Looking at the going trends, it appears as if the only time companies take action is when something bad has taken place, and even at that time they have a very limited budget for making the necessary changes.

The basic symptoms of ergonomic problems include pain in the wrist, neck, elbow, and especially in the back. Workers can also experience discomfort from dry or itching eyes, cramping and so on. Computer ergonomics is so important because office workers spend so much of time sitting in front of the computer in their workspace. Poor posture, which usually arises due to the kind of chair being used, can lead to many problems that mainly affect the blood circulation in the body. This gives rise to the necessity of having a proper ergonomic computer chair in the office.

There are many reasons why ergonomic task chairs should be incorporated in the workplace apart from increasing the beauty of the place. They have enough room for your hips and thighs, for example, to help your body have better blood circulation. Ergonomic office chairs also have a firm back which is ideal for comfortable back positioning, in turn helping your lower, upper and middle back stay in place. Another important factor is that not everyone in the office has the same height, and therefore it is not possible for all of them to be comfortable sitting on chairs with an average height. It is important that the height of the chair should be adjustable in order to help everyone have a perfect sitting position.

In order to have a healthy work place it is important that office managers and business owners provide their staff with good working conditions, starting by incorporating computer ergonomics with the help of high-quality task chairs.

Task Chair Types & Uses

When shopping for something new to sit in it pays to know your options well. If you’re looking specifically for a task chair then you have to consider the different types available to make an educated buying decision. This type of seating is most often utilized by those who spend long hours working at a computer or office workstation. Good task chairs are ergonomically designed to support your body in all the key areas necessary to reduce back strain, muscle tension and the risk of developing any long-term injuries or conditions. In order to get the most out of your new purchase you need to be sure you are looking for the right style in the first place.

Ok, well now that we know ergonomic task chairs provide the most benefit for our bodies, let’s take a closer look at what our options are. The most-searched-for variation is an office task chair, mostly looked for in leather, followed by mesh and then fabric in terms of popularity. This is helpful to know when you are a buyer because it gives you a broader perspective of why merchants may be offering a particular selection. The individuals searching for this type of seating are obviously looking to use it in an office setting and may or not work on the computer during this time. More often than not it is people like IT department personnel or heavy writers (typers) who are really looking for a good supportive computer task chair to help them retain some of their comfort through the day. Those familiar with computer ergonomics know that how you position your body and limbs during long hours of work can affect how you feel long after work is over. Any respectable chair will be adjustable, usually in more ways than one, and may be armless or will include arms that may or not have the ability to move into different positions. Having armrests on a chair is personal preference but if you do choose to get them it helps to make sure they are adjustable.

Other types of popular task chairs include those used by a student at a college or university, and the executive who needs aggressive support in their seat but does not generally use the computer for most of their day. A student task chair can vary widely in appearance mostly due to the large number of possible uses. These could possibly be utilized by science classes in a laboratory, or an art class where you need to be seated for an extended period of time to paint. Either way you are sure to find what you need if you search with the right mindset. An executive task chair is usually slightly more cushy than its computer-oriented counterpart, and aesthetically may look more like a regular office chair than something out of a sci-fi book. Whatever your needs are it always helps to learn as much as you can about the products on the market before going ahead and buying one – it will save you money and ensure increased comfort.